Tahir Öğüt Professor of Orthopedics and Traumatology | Doctor of Flat Feet

Flat Foot Treatment

Flat Foot Treatment should start immediately. The goal is to provide a painless, foot performing all functions. In untreated cases, the feet remain inward. In the first days following the birth, corrective stretching exercises and massage should be performed. These massage should not be hard otherwise baby’s cartilaginous bones may be hurt. Plastering to be performed on later days. With massage, the foot is leveled as much as possible and the position is maintained with plaster. New plaster is made every week and the treatment continues. So the foot is slowly corrected. Average 6-7 weeks of plaster application is required. After each plaster it should be checked whether the plaster is pressed against the fingertips. The feet tend to become distorted when they come out of the plaster. When sufficient improvement is achieved with plaster, a special spacer made of hard plastic is used to hold the foot in its proper position. They should be followed until 2-3 years old by giving special shoes. Some legs may not provide adequate improvement.flat foot treatment

Corrective surgeries are performed at where ever the correction is inadequate. Generally the ankle is difficult to straighten and the Achilles tendon is extended for straightening. Such surgery is performed usually when the child is 6 to 12 months old. Otherwise, various operations can be performed according to the degree of the disorder.

With a good treatment, children can play without pain and without loss of function. Parents can be confident that if their baby’s feet are treated by orthopedic surgeons who are experienced in this area, they will have legs that are completely normal in appearance and fulfill their normal function. A well-treated clubfeet is not a barrier and can lead to an entirely normal, active life. Success rate is 95%.